By Doug Calahan

Understanding Home CareUnderstanding Home Care

There was a time when home care meant a cold beverage, your feet up, and a good movie. But as we grow and change, so do our needs. So you might require a little extra help now and then, or even just someone to come over and hang out.The good news? Whether you would like a little company with Companion Care, you need a hand around the house with Home Care, or you have a health issue that requires Home Health Care; we’ve got you covered here at!If you just need a little company or some light help, Companion Care might be the answer.

Nobody likes sitting around the house alone, so why not make a new friend and share some time with someone from a Companion Care agency? And they won’t just be hanging around; they can also perform light housekeeping or help you run errands as well!If you need more assistance around the house and don’t think that Companion Care is going to be enough, you should look into Home Care.

These agencies could offer a range of services including: companion care services; assistance with bathing; incontinence care; mobility assistance, dressing and grooming; transferring and positioning; oral hygiene; feeding, etc. And if you have a medical problem that makes your daily life more difficult, but aren’t ready to move into a retirement community, Home Health Care is the way to go. These trained professionals can come over as often as you need to provide the kind of care you require. Services provided can include: in-home CNA’s, physical therapy, occupational therapy, administration of medication and other medical care approved by your doctor.

So, if you want to stay at home for retirement, be sure to check out all the options here on After all, the best way to take care of yourself is to get the care that you need!