Tablet and Skype technology used in Roanoke Home Care Agency assistance and monitoring

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In keeping the promise to “Assure Your Family’s Peace of Mind”, The Comfort of Home, LLC has taken a new direction with Tablet & Skype based FAMILY ALL ACCESS PROGRAM.

Comfort of Home, serving the Greater Roanoke, Virginia area made it a point to look at their in home services from the client’s perspective to understand how to develop and structure programs to better meet their needs.  This led to the development of a new operating program that allows the family, along with potentially the doctors and facilities to have full 24 hour access to the Care Plan of the client.  The family now has a means to follow their progress and know their needs are being met anytime day or night.

With certain stipulations, Comfort of Home will put a “Tablet”  with Skype capabilities into the client location.  For Seniors and others, their families will be given an access code and password so that with this tablet and setup, they may now see and speak with their loved ones during each day if they so choose.  For folks we are helping in our Post Op / Rehab and our Accident Aftercare programs, the family that has to be away, may now be able to check in and watch their recuperation process.

For the grandparents who have someone involved in their New Mother Home Assist program, they can see that special grandchild every day and watch then grow.  The program will also allow the doctor to check in on their patient and monitor progress — and make changes if needed.  Just like days gone by,  the doctor will once again be making house calls!

Let’s say you want to check on Dad today.  Simply log in with your name and password and you will now have the ability to see when Dad took his medications, what he ate for lunch or if he took a walk.  Professional Comfort of Home caregivers will be documenting their daily activities using this method.  Once documented, it will be downloaded to a secure digital file.

“We feel that today’s modern technology is there for us to grab and put to good use”, says Sam Weddle with Comfort of Home.  “With our Family All Access Program, connections with all parties can be implemented from across town, across the state, and even across the country. We can’t think of anything more comforting that to be able to see your loved one, follow their progress and stay connected to their situations and daily lives.”

This exciting new step into the future will provide Comfort of Home with endless possibilities for better home health care and will certainly enrich the lives of everyone involved.

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Comfort of Home, Serving the Greater Roanoke Area:
Companion Services Include Keeping the Client Company and Engaging Them in Any Number of Activities Such As:

Conversation – Games – Crafts – Planning Daily Routines – Entertaining – Escorting to Appointments – Attending Religious Services – Reading – Playing Cards – Cooking/Serving Light Meals – Medication Reminders – Visiting Friends/Neighbors – Writing – Walking Assistance – Appointment Reminders – Shopping – And Much, Much More!